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Lowenstein Ventilogic LS

100 % mobility and safety in IV and NIV

The new generation of ventilators begins with VENTIlogic LS.

 Thanks to the proven mobility and monitoring concepts, the devices offer versatility and a great degree of safety. While the mobility concept, featuring powerful batteries and blower, guarantees the ventilation you need when moving from one place to another, the monitoring concept keeps a watch on your condition at all times.  Our innovative functions such as cough support LIAM makes therapy easier for you. Some of the functions, like exhalation monitoring AirTrap Control, are especially suited to patients with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases).

NEW: Effective immediately, VENTIlogic LS is available in the new design. The control panel and the operating keys are new and recognized in a clear layout. The device design is now white and the color display is now in green.

The devices are equipped with two options for mouthpiece ventilation. Mouthpiece ventilation gives you a maximum freedom and independence in therapy.

Major features of VENTIlogic LS und VENTIlogic plus:

  • Clever mobility concept
  • High-quality ventilation technology
  • Rechargeable battery operates for up to 9 hours
  • Fast and simple monitoring of oxygen saturation and pulse