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Travelling with oxygen

Travelling with oxygen

Oxygentherapy beyond the borders

VitalAire, always attentive to the welfare of its patients and sensitive to innovations, has created an international network, able to accompany patients during the entire organization of their holiday and to provide all the services that are necessary for the continuity of their treatment during their vacation.

"Vitalcard Patient Travel Network" is a constant point of reference for the specific needs of the patient in terms of organization of service due to a specific operating procedure of activation unique and identical for all stakeholders of the network.

Formed in 1999, thanks to the wide availability that has only VitalAire, Vitalcard Patient Travel Network has already enabled many patients the opportunity to travel in total tranquility and certainty of being well cared for while on vacation.

Please call us at the +30 210 67 20 400.  Our people will be happy to give you any further information concerning the oxygentherapy during your travel and your vacation.

3,4 m€

in 2017


hospitals & clinics

1,5 million

patients at home