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Sleep Apnea Therapy

Successful treatment of sleep apnea can make you feel more energetic and improve your relationship, work performance and quality of life. With CPAP therapy you could feel results within the first few nights.

Sleep apnea treatment options

CPAP therapy is the “gold standard” and the most common treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)1. CPAP therapy treats OSA from mild to severe cases. Where sleep apnea is caused by the shape of your mouth or airways, it may be treated surgically but the risks make it a last resort for those for whom CPAP is undesirable.

Vitalaire’s therapy support programs are carefully designed to support you at the start of your treatment, when you need the most advice and assistance.


  • 01

    Sleep Apnea expertise

    VitalAire Hellas has a highly experienced and organized team especially for the care of patients with sleep apnea syndrome

  • 02

    Diverse range of products

    VitalAire Hellas has a diverse range of equipment suitable for all respiratory requirements

  • 03

    Official representatives

    VitalAire Hellas represents in Greece well established international manufacturers (Fisher & Paykel, Weinmann, ALMS)

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    After sales service

    VitalAire Hellas offers after sales service based on certified maintenance center

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