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What is a Volume Pressure Ventilator

Volume Pressure Ventilators are used to applyapositive pressure pressure to the airways through a mask or a trach tube.

What is the difference between a BiPAP and a Ventilator

BiPAP's are designed for non Invasive ventilation. No alarms or internal battery are available

Can i use Oxygen with my Ventilator

Yes. All ventilators have a dedicated inlet for adding oxygen. The mixture of the delivered gas can be measured with the use of an oxygen cell, just like the hospital (FiO2)

Are Ventilators being reimbursed by the health Fund (EOPYY)?

Yes, all ventilators are being reimbursed by EOPYY at the ceilling price of 7.000 € incl. VAT. Patient's share is 5% or 350€.

What is the autonomy of a ventilator?

The autonomy of a ventilator depends on the battery and the type of the ventilator itself. Usually a standard autonomy with internal battery start at 4 hours

What happens in case of malfunction

In case of fail of the equipment, backup manual ventilator (ambu) must be used. Ambulance must be called if intervention time is too long.

When i am eligible for replacing my old ventilator?

EOPYY is covering the replacement of your equipment every 4years in case of a failure that cannot be repaired.

Can i extend the warranty?

Yes there is a possibility of  extending the warranty up to 4 years.